Many home owners will no doubt face this problem in the winter. Where does this condensation come from? Think of your cold beverage during the summer. The same way warm humid air is condensed by the cold drink, the humid air from inside your home is cooled by the window and condensation will occur. New home construction is part of this problem, as your well insulated home prevents air circulation and can trap high levels of potentially damaging humidity. There are of course varying levels of this problem from extreme to nuisance.

20161121_101704The fix could be as simple as wiping down the condensation as it occurs. Your blinds can have a thermal value which changes the air temperature and prevents the air in between from circulating.  Many of our daily activities generate moisture. Try inexpensive things like making sure you have adequate ventilation in your bathroom. When having a bath or a shower, have your fan on for a minimum of 15 minutes afterwards. Installing $30 timer switches is simple and can automate this process so you don’t have to worry about wasted energy. Cooking, bathing, laundry, breathing are some of the causes and the key to solving your problem is to remove this moisture from your home.When cooking, turn on your hood fan which hopefully is installed to vent outside. Another easy solution would be cracking your windows. Although this will undoubtedly increase your heating costs, high humidity can be very damaging to your home and become a health risk with the onset of mold. Installing a dehumidifier should be at the top of your list, and is a wise investment. Higher cost items such as replacing your windows with a higher R-value and installing a heat recovery ventilator will also go a long way in helping you battle your condensation problem. A problem that is severe will most certainly devalue your home in the long run, and cause all kinds of respiratory health problems. And is an issue that shouldn’t be ignored.

Talk to your local renovation specialist for more information on the subject. When taking on expensive items, make sure to get several quotes and try to get a referral from someone you trust.