How are we helping to build strong communities with the City of London?
What does community mean to you?
I appreciate that community will mean different things to different people.  The other day I spotted a very colourful box(see picture) at the curb of a home in Old South.  I stopped to take a closer look and discovered that it was a sharing box.  Since then I have been even more aware of different versions of this giving-sharing box in different pockets of London. At some of these boxes there are lovely notes and letter stating the intent.  Some of them explain, “if you would like something in this box…please take it and if you would like to leave something…please do”This is a small idea that someone has come up with to bridge a gap perhaps by the simple gesture of “giving”.  When I posted one of the many pictures that I have taken in and around London of these special boxes on Facebook…I was surprised to hear what everyone had to say and I was also alerted to the location of others..some in Byron and also Old East Village.
Does this inspire you to do the same?
Perhaps you have your own idea of how you can reach out and do your own “commintiy”  building where you live.
Lets add do our part to help London be the best it can be!