Getting your home ready for market can be a very stressful time, especially if you have a full household!  Children, your family pets and for some your aging parents.

This can certainly be a “win-win” situation for everyone involved if you take the time to prepare and to help your family members be part of this experience.

It is a little different for our furry little friends to “help” during this process, however keep in mind this can be a very unsettling time for them.  There will be people coming and going from your home which may cause them stress as well as for some Buyers…knowing that there are dogs or cats or in some homes..both, this may cause them to either not wish to view or they may be very distracted while in your home by your pets presence.

So how can we achieve selling your home for top dollar and ensuring that our beautiful family pets are safe and happy during this period?

You may not like this but I’ll say it anyway.  You do want to hear the truth right?  The best thing to do to ensure top price for your home is to relocate your pets while your home is on the market.  Putting them in the back yard, in the garage, in another room or having to remove your pets every time you have a showing is insufficient and it is not fair to them or to you.   You need to remove them from the home.

Perhaps a friend or family member can care for your pets during this process or alternatively there are many great kennels in the London, Ontario and surrounding areas for you to consider. (please contact us for suggestions)

Once your home has an offer on it, the process will quickly move forward and all of life will be back to its normal state before you know it…happy and healthy, safe and secure in your new home!