One of my favorite clients to work with are first time home buyers…for many reasons.


A lot of those first time home buyers are not married.  It seems that what was tradition, meaning you met, you fall in love, you get married and then you buy a house.  Now a days, couples are purchasing a house and then thinking about the rest of the steps after. Whatever the case and however you decide to move forward, I would like to offer a wee bit of advise.


Take time and ponder the following:

    • It may be a good idea to wait until you are out of the “honeymoon” period.  It is good to know that you can fair through some tough times as well as the good times.
    • Be prepared to see the good, the bad and the ugly.  Living together is not always pretty. You know what I mean..will it be ok if you don’t like the way the other keeps house…etc.
    • Spend a few nights together…in a row at each others current home.  You can see a lot with this one
    • Have honest conversations about finances..this should be number one!
    • Work through problems, instead of avoiding them…again big or small….communication is key to happiness.
    • Ensure that your life is great right now…on your own!


Moving in together is exciting and can be very rewarding on many different levels, especially when you are truly prepared to do so.